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The Concept
What do Printing & Allied Industries such as Sheet Fed Offset, Web Offset, News Papers, Tin, Flexo & Roto Gravure Printing Machines, Lamination Machines, Steel, Textile, Plywood, Rexene Tannery, Glass, Foam Chemical, Plastics, Mining, Packaging, Food & Beverages and Pulp & Paper Mills, Manufacturing Industries have in common?

Rollers constitute an important ingredient in their manufacturing process. Though the relative cost of these rollers in these industries are very meager, the impact on quality is phenomenal.

But rollers like any other engineering product, face wear and tear. This wear & tear ensues in the rubber constituent of the roller, thus making it unusable.

What happens when one uses such worn out rollers?

The Quality of the output deteriorates, which may lead to colossal losses, as the million dollar machines using worn out rollers are rendered useless!
So what is the solution?

Our proposal illustrate the expediency of SETTING UP ROLLER REFURBISHING UNITS in association with the technology leader