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Lathe Machine

ZENITH lathe are well suited for all common Turning, Surfacing and screw Cutting with high accuracy. Zenith Lathes are designed for continuous Lights and Heavy jobs. Lathe Machines are made with close grain graded casting, many models & size are available. Zenith Supply mainly two types of precision lathes, CHANGE GEAR TRAIN LATHES AND ALL GEAR HEAD PRECISION LATHES.

Bed Lenghth 2134mm(7’) 3048 mm (10’) 12’(3658) 14’(4267)
Distance of between center (38”) (74”) 98” 120”
Weigth (approx) 1425 kg 1750 kg 1950 2150
Bed Width 300mm (12”) 300mm(12”) 300mm(12”) 300mm(12”)
Length of Gap 200mm(8’) 200mm(8’) 200mm(8’) 200mm(8’)
In front of face plate bed type 2v and 2 flat 2v and 2 flate 2v and 2 flate 2v and 2 flate
Spindle nose taper bore in MT-6 MT-6 MT-6 MT-6
Spindle Sleeve MT-4 MT-4 MT-4 MT-4
Spindle thread/dia 6TPI/76(3”) 6TPI/76(3”) 6 TPI/76(3”) 6 TPI/76(3”)
Spindle Bore 52mm (21/8”) 52mm (21/8”) 52mm (21/8”) 52mm (21/8”)
Height of center 254mm(10”) 254mm(10”) 254mm(10”) 254mm(10”)
Swing over bed 495mm(19,1/2”) 495mm (19,1/2”) 495mm(19,1/2”) 495mm(19,1/2”)
Swing over cross slide 380mm(15”) 380mm(15”) 380mm(15”) 380mm(15”)
Swing gap 790mm(31”) 790mm(31”) 790mm(31”) 790mm(31”)
Movement of cross slide 230mm(5”) 230mm(5”) 230mm(5”) 230mm(5”)
Movement of compound slide 125mm(5”) 125mm(5”) 125mm(5”) 125mm(5”)
No. of spindle speed 4+4=8 4+4=8 4+4=8 4+4=8
RPM (minimum/maxi) 25/450 25/450 25/450 25/450
Metric Pitch 13 (1mm to 6mm) 13 (1mm to 6mm) 13 (1mm to 6mm) 13 (1mm to 6mm)
Inch Pitch 19 (2TPI to 24 TPI) 19 (2TPI to 24 TPI) 19 (2TPI to 24TPI) 19 (2TPI to 24 TPI)
Lead Screw of dia 1 1/2” x4 TPI 1 1/2” x4 TPI 1 1/2” x4 TPI 1 1/2” x4 TPI
Belts V or Flate V or Flate V or Flate V or Flate
Motor Power & Supply According to Customer According to Customer According to Customer According to Customer

Others : Main Gear are helical, cross side 18”x158,” Spindle pulley & Bush, Surface/Center/Compound Screw nut and all in brass.
Standard Equipments : Chuck plate, Face Plate, Change Gear Set (Inch, /mm) Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Motor Pulley, Tool Post key Center Adapter, dead Center and Machine Belt (Flate or VType.)
Silent Features
  • THE BED is made of close-grained cast iron, having unusual strength and long wearing qualities. It is machined and ground to fine finish and is well braced to withstand vibration free operation even under heavy cutting load.
  • HEAD STOCK The flat seat of headstock over the bed is perfectly matched by precision hand scrapping. The hollow spindle runs in a pair of amply dimensioned split gunmetai adjustable bearing and one Thrust Ball Bearing or Heavy duty Taper Roller Bearings.
  • THE APRON is of double wall designed with independent driven motion for feeds and screws cutting. Simultaneous
  • Engagement of feed and screw cutting is prevented by an interlock mechanism.
  • THE TAILSTOCK is of special and sturdy design. Inverted “V” guides it and flat ways of the bed independent of the saddle guides and has an offsetting drive for taper turning. The body including the base can be clamped to the bed by means of bolt and nut provided.
  • STANDARD Back Plate for Dog Chuck, Dead Centre (hardened and ground), Centre EQUIPMENT Sleeve Traveling and Fixed Steady Rests. One set of 22-machine cut Change Gear wheels, Oil Tray, Motor drive arrangements and Thread Dial Gauge.