514 (Adast/Dominant)

Ink Rollers Size
514 (Adast/Dominant) (Complete Set)
Ink Form Roller (Qty.- 1) 49mm X530mm
Ink Form Roller (Qty.- 1) 56mm X 530mm
Ink Form Roller (Qty.- 1) 61mm X 530mm
Ink Duct Roller (Qty.- 1) 38mm X 530mm
Ink Dist. Roller (Qty.- 2) 45mm X 530mm
Ink Distributor (Qty.- 1) 42mm X 530mm
Distributor (Qty.- 1) 56mm X 530mm
Water Duct. (Qty.- 1) 34mm X 546mm
Water Form (Qty.- 2) 44mm X 555mm
New Rider with Diamond Coating (Qty.- 1) 540mm X 64.50mm
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