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This is an opportunity to become a partner with one of the leading and most experienced brands in the rollers industry. Build wealth with our intricately designed process for ambitious minds.

Turnkey Projects Goals

The Concept


What do Printing & Allied Industries such as Sheet Fed Offset, Web Offset, News Papers, Tin, Flexo & Roto Gravure Printing Machines, Lamination Machines, Steel, Textile, Plywood, Rexene Tannery, Glass, Foam Chemical, Plastics, Mining, Packaging, Food & Beverages and Pulp & Paper Mills, Manufacturing Industries have in common?


Rollers constitute an important ingredient in themanufacturing process. Though the relative cost of these rollers in these industries can be very meager, the impact on quality is phenomenal.


 Rollers like any other engineering product, face wear and tear. This wear & tear ensues in the rubber constituent of the roller, thus making it unusable.


What happens when one uses such worn out rollers?


The Quality of the output deteriorates, which may lead to colossal losses, as million dollar machines using worn out rollers are rendered useless!


So what is the solution?

Refurbish The Existing Roller
Our proposal illustrate the expediency of SETTING UP ROLLER REFURBISHING UNITS in association with the technology leader.

The Process


Once the roller is at our refurbishing unit, it is first cleaned. It s then inspected for its imperfection and wear. The worn out and unusable rubber coating of the rubber roller is then  removed and the surface from the roller spindle is cleaned thoroughly.


The industry bounding agent is applied and the compound is wrapped on the Spindle/core, followed by curing and finishing of the roller to the required size with mechanical process using precision machines to achieve required hardness, elongation, resilience, tensile strength, surface finish, ink and water receptivity.


The Rubber compound is the main raw material for this process and it is easily available in every part of the world. Costing anywhere between US$ 5 to 8 per Kg, which never exceeds 22% of the selling price of a refurbished roller. We at Zenith provide Ready to Use Rubber compound.



The Potential


Industries are witnessing a magnificent growth in the global economy, for instance the printing and packaging industry. Where there is civilization there are newspapers. Infact, as a country matures and develops, the growth in the newspaper industry de facto boosts up. Also the growth in population is providing an impetus to the multifold growth in this industry. Likewise, in the era of presentation and media hype, the role of the packaging industry is overwhelmingly experienced by the successful enterprises. This emphasis of the exterior to reflect the quality of the interior has made packaging products omnipresent. In every field of commerce and business, the all pervasive presence of packaging products is encountered. This demand for packaging goods is resulting in a stupendous growth for the printing and packaging industry.


We can also observe the trend of the textile industry. The growth in consumerism across continents has given tremendous impetus to industries like fashion designing and fashion technology. What one wears on self and on environs is a statement of one’s stature and psyche. This emphasis on fabrics that adorn us to the framework that define us has immensely stimulated the growth in the textile industry.


With applications in so many burgeoning industries, the growth of Rollers are expected to be stupendous.And every roller sold needs to be refurbished over and over again to maintain the quality of the output.


Even with so much potential and the fact that setting up a refurbishing unit is comparatively economical, this industry of refurbishing rollers is relatively under penetrated.



Our Project Synopsis


We offer the following three investment options :

  1. Unit for refurbishing of Small Rollers
    Small rollers are used primarily in the Printing and Allied industry and their refurbishing unit can be set up with a minimal investment ranging between USD 262,000 to USD 540,000.
  2. Unit for refurbishing Rollers for Medium Sized Industrial Rollers
    Medium sized Industrial rollers are used in industries like Textile, Steel, Tannery, Rexene, Plywood, Packaging, Plastic, Mining, Galvanizing, Glass, Foam, Material Handling and Conveyor and their refurbishing unit can be set up at an investment of USD 450,000.
  3. Unit for refurbishing Large Industrial Rollers
    Large Industrial rollers are used primarily in Paper & Board Mill, Textile, Steel, Tannery, Rexene, Plywood, Packaging, Plastic, Mining, Galvanizing, Glass, Foam, Material Handling and Conveyor and their refurbishing unit can be set up at an investment of USD 900,000.

For More information About our Projects – Please Email-Us at : sales@zenithrollers.com


Our Growth Model


These options can also be viewed as a growth model; where you start with minimal capital, create wealth for yourself and then move to the next stage of capital investment and preposterous growth!

You start with a unit for refurbishing of Printing and Allied industrial rollers, where with a minimal investment you set up a small refurbishing unit as the first step into this unbelievable world of stupendous growth with magnificent returns.

From this you expand into setting up a unit for refurbishing medium sized Industrial rollers. With this additional investment, you have now migrated to the next stage of abundance and expansion. And this investment is the return you are getting from your initial investment in a very short span.

And as you ride this roller coaster of accumulation, you self finance yourself to the next stage of refurbishing units for Paper and Board mills. This small additional capital juxtaposes you to the ZENITH of your glory and affluence.


Businness Model

Our Business Model


Now that you apprehend the capacity of this business to create stupendous wealth anin a well planned manner in a short period of time, you obviously would like to know how we can help you in this venture.

As your partner in growth and prosperity, Zenith offers different models for enterprises at different levels of maturity or requirements:

Customer Vendor Relationship

In this model we offer outright sales of machines and compounds

Project Commissioning on Turnkey Basis

In this model we provide customized solution for project commissioning including:

  • Technical Expertise with respect to machines specifications
  • Machine Installation
  • Onsite Technical Training for Plant Staff
  • Onsite Marketing Training for the Sales Staff
  • Optional Access to the Quality Control Lab
  • Tool & Fixtures



The Financials


The optimum cost structure and profit margins are envisaged as under:

Composition of Selling Price


Miscellaneous costs include Financial Costs, Administrative Costs, Transportation Costs, etc.

  • The Net Profit may go as high as 55% depending your capacity utilization and Turnover achieved.
  • Break Even is achieved at just 30% of installed capacity
  •  Initial Working Capital required is around 25-30% of total project cost.


Research & Development

Research & Development


With a strong background of intensive R & D, Zenith products have attained international quality standards. The outstanding success of Zenith R & D rests on its unique development of rubber compounds meeting customers specific requirement:

  • Function, chemicals in contact.
  • Pressure exerted, working temperature and conditions.

This is based on tests complying with international norms such as Oscillating Disc rheometer test and tests for tensile strength, abrasion and aging etc. Zenith R & D department develops roller manufacturing equipment that is operator friendly, needs low maintenance and generates high performance at low production costs. Zenith has a fully equipped laboratory with highly trained and experienced rubber technologists and engineers.

Zenith Laboratory is equipped with the following testing equipments:

  • Mooney Viscometer
  • Rheometer (ODR or MDR)
  • Tensile Tester
  • Abrasion Tester (DIN/Du Pont Abrader)
  • Resilience Tester (Vertical/Swing Drop Method)
  • Shore A/IRHD Hardness Tester with Holder
  • Compression Set Apparatus
  • Sp. Gravity Balance (0.2-2.0 range)
  • Hot Air Ageing Oven
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Electronic pH meter
  • Pychnometer
  • Ford Cup
  • Brook field Viscometer
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Flash Point Apparatus
  • Dumb Bell Cutter-Hydraulic
  • Dumb Bell Specimen Die
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Electronic Weighing Balance
  • Lab. Mixing Mill
  • Lab. Hydraulic Press
  • Mould for Slab Preparation
  • Mould for hardness/Compression Set/ Abrasion test Button preparation

Why with "Zenith"?

  • Allow us to help you understand why you should be part of this new venture of ours.

  • Not only  Zenith reveres its customers and is obsessed with technology and innovation but also because Zenith is always a step ahead with technical know how.

Zenith is able to help you accomplish the desired goals by doing the following:-

  • We offer entrepreneurs a partnership of quality, integrity and commitment to a long-term relationship
  • We are backed by experience of over four decades
  • Zenith Provides an outstanding customer service
  • We have a proven track record of servicing clients proactively and promptly
  • We are at the forefront of technology and continually looking at ways to improve customer’s productivity
  • Zenith is an ISO certified enterprise that gives consistency and less down time.
  • We lend you our network of suppliers and resources to help you, our customers get the most competitive price.
  • We have a sales force that spans the globe serving across the continents
  • Our products are tested at all levels of production to assure quality
  • We provide the complete range of machines required for the refurbishing business
  • Zenith offers an excellent combination of outstanding management, world class technical capabilities, innovative manufacturing technology, reliable testing capabilities and ultra modern facilities
  • Zenith provides all this at a price that is unbeatable anywhere on this globe!
Turnkey Projects
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