All manufacturing equipments for producing world-class printing and industrial rollers

Roll Grinder

State-of-the-art technology and consistent Research & Development have infused tremendous energy into the making of our dynamic roll grinders, which boost cutting-edge performance and very high accuracy.

Our Roll Grinders Deliver

  • Accurate Cambering Profiles in variable sizes
  • Both convex and concave
  • Surfaces finish up to 0.03 micrometre Ra
  • Cylindricity and Roundness within 3 microns/ metre
  • The higher-end models of our Roll Grinder can grind Rolls with weight up to 30 tons.

Our Roll Grinders Cater To Various Segments Of The Industry

  • Iron and steel (Hot Rolling and cold Rolling)
  • Paper
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Roller
  • Specialised Engineering

Salient Features

Use of seasoned and stress-relieved castings. The rigid base provides vibration-dampening properties. The auto lubrication system maintains the floating action of the saddle. The hydraulic-driven saddle enables vibration-free travel.

The bearing shells of the grinding spindle are multi-surface, adjustable by means of tapered sleeves.

Wheel Head needs no maintenance apart from occasional oil changes resulting in high-pressure stability, chatter-free grinding, avoidance of swimming tendencies of the pure hydrostatic system, and wear & vibration-free running. Less adjustment time due to the rotating cam feature of the Cambering System. The Wheel Head Saddle base is hinged to enable the precise forward and backward movement of the wheel for concave and convex grinding.

Range of sizes for the Roll Grinder

Distance Between Centres Maximum Grinding Diameter
3000mm 750mm
4000mm 1000mm
5000mm 1000-1400mm
6000mm 1600mm
8000mm 1400mm-1800mm
9000mm 1400mm-1800mm

Strip Builder Machine

ZENITH STRIP BUILDER offers synchronised consistent rubber application for large or small rollers.

Machines are designed for efficient performance.

Designed with the provision of cold feed and hot feed extruders with built-in electrical, pneumatic controls, and other application equipment.

Roller covering extruder plant complete with movable carriage holding the cylinder to be covered.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Roller Length (A.B.C) 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm 7000mm
Maximum Roll Diameter 500mm 700mm 1000mm 1500mm
Maximum Roll Weight 3 Ton 10 Ton 15 Ton 30 Ton
Extruder Size  2.55” (65mm) Screw Diameter (Hot Feed) 3” (76.2mm) Screw Diameter (Hot Feed) 4” (80mm) Screw Diameter (Hot Feed) 4” (80mm) Screw Diameter (Hot Feed)
Chuck (Head Stock) 10” (254mm) 4 Jaw (3 Jaw Optional) 12” (304.8mm) 4 Jaw (3 Jaw Optional) 16” (406.4mm) 4 Jaw (3 Jaw Optional) 22” (558mm) 4 Jaw (3 Jaw Optional)
Centre – (Tail Stock) MT-4 MT-5 MT-5 MT-6
Control (Power) A.C. Control & Pneumatic A.C. Control & Pneumatic A.C. Control & Pneumatic A.C. Control & Pneumatic
Thickness of Stripes 3mm to 7mm 3mm to 7mm 3mm to 7mm 3mm to 7mm
Power Requirement 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50Hz, A.C. supply 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50Hz, A.C. supply 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50Hz, A.C. supply 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50Hz, A.C. supply
Maximum Power Consumption 25 H.P. 30 H.P. 40 H.P. 40 H.P.
Electrical Panel 30/4.5/3 amps, A.C. Drive 37.5/7.5/4.5amps, A.C. Drive 45/11.25/4.5amps, A.C. Drive 45/11.25/4.5amps, A.C. Drive

Mixing Mill

The basic designing and construction of the Zenith Mixing Mill has been subjected to continuous improvements which have permitted it to keep pace with the day-to-day needs of the industry.

Technical Specifications

Size of Roll Diameter × Length Capacity Kgs. Batch (App.) R.P.M of Rolls (App) Friction Ratio Electric Motor H.P. Size of Roll Diameter × Length Capacity Kgs. Batch (App.) R.P.M of Rolls (App) Friction Ratio Electric Motor H.P.
6”x16” 3/6 29 1:1.15 7.5 16”x42” 50/60 17 1:1.18 60
8”x18” 7/10 23 1:1.15 10 18”x48” 75/90 15 1:1.18 75
10”x24” 15/20 21 1:1.18 20 22”x60” 90/110 12 1:1.18 120
12”x30” 20/30 21 1:1.18 30 24”x72” 130/150 12 1:1.18 175
14”x36” 30/45 19 1:1.18 40 26”x84” 160/180 12 1:1.18 250


Zenith vulcanizer is equipped with pressure gauge, safety valves, non-returnable valves, temperature gauge etc.

Technical Specifications

Type Horizontal
Diameter 1 metre, 1.5 metres, 2-metre
Length 4 metre, 5 metres, 8 metres, 10-metre
Clamping System Manual
Working Pressure 60 KG psi
Tested Pressure 150 KG psi
Working Temperature 150-160 Celsius

Dynamic Balancing Machine

We offer a wide variety of Dynamic Balancing Machines that are available for testing purposes in different engineering industries. These products are made on the basis of cutting-edge technology and we offer them at market-leading prices to our clients. Our products are widely used for balancing and are highly appreciated for easy handling. Further, these are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and are sophisticated and highly performable in nature.


  • Accurate results
  • Easy to use
  • Easy operations

Technical Specifications

Machine Models H5K H10K H20K
Weight Capacity (kg) 5000 10000 20000
Max diameter of rotor 800 1200 1600
Max length of bed (mm)
Bed Size – L 5000 6500 8500
Minimum Distance Between
Journal Diameter Range (mm) 50-250 50-300 50-400


  • Horizontal, Three Pass, Smoke Tube, Wet Back Design.
  • Oil, Gas, Wood, Coal Fired
  • Capacity 600 kg/Hr (F & A100°C)
  • Working Pressure 10.54 Kg/Cm?
  • Compact & Sturdy Construction.
  • High Efficiency due to excellent Heat Transfer

300 Kg/Hr to 1000 Kg/Hr capacity sizes are also available.

Three Roll Builder

“ZENITH” three roll builder machines are specially developed for making printing rollers from rubber sheets.

Technical Specifications

MACHINE SIZE 2900 x 1180 x 1170 mm
MAX LENGTH OF ROLLER 1500 mm Maximum Weight
CONTROL D.C. Control & Pneumatic
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT 230 Volts, 50 Hz or As per Client requirements
DRIVE MOTOR 1 H.P. D.C. compiled with reduction Gearbox.
Roller For Steel Industry

Calendering Machine

Zenith has pioneered many improvements in the design of the Calendar machine, which have resulted in products of improved quality and economy of production.

Calendars are made in a wide range of sizes, from small laboratory units to big production machines. They are furnished with two, three, four, or more rolls and with rolls in different arrangements.

Calendars of all sizes are incorporated with the latest features for obtaining uniform coating and sheet thickness, better productivity, and processing of rubber.

Technical Specifications

Machine Size of Roll Diameter x Length Line Speed Per Minute (App.) in Metres Max. Width of Product Electric Motor H.P.
ZNDK-1 6” x 18” 7 14” 7.5
ZNDK-2 8” x 24” 7 20” 10
ZNDK-3 10” x 30” 7 26” 15
ZNDK-4 12” x 36” 9 30” 25
ZNDK-5 14” x 42” 9 36” 40
ZNDK-6 16” x 48” 9 42” 50
ZNDK-7 18” x 54” 9 48” 60
ZNDK-8 22” x 66” 9 60” 100

Thickness of Sheets -1 mm to 10 mm
Line speed of the calendars can be changed as per the customer’s requirement.

Salient Features

  • BED PLATE The basic bed is steel fabricated, machined to a single frame on which the whole machine with GearBox and Motor is fitted. No deep foundations are required.
  • SAND & CAPS (WEB) well designed for load bearing under extreme working conditions, A Grade casting /steel fabricated.
  • ROLLS OF CALENDER The rolls are made of chilled Alloy cast iron. The rolls are hollow in the centre for efficient cooling/ heating.
  • NIP ADJUSTMENT can be manual or motorised.
  • JOURNAL BOX & BUSHES Journal Boxes are made of graded cast iron and Bushes are of Gunmetal / Phosphorus Bronze.
  • REDUCTION GEAR BOX Worm reduction gearboxes are of appropriate specification ratio.
  • NOTE: Technological improvement may result in a change of specification.

Lathe Machine

ZENITH lathe machines are well suited for all common Turning, Surfacing, and screw cutting with high accuracy. Zenith Lathes are designed for continuous Lights and Heavy jobs. Lathe Machines are made with close-grain graded casting; many models & sizes are available. Zenith Supply mainly two types of precision lathes, change gear train lathes and all gearhead precision lathes.

Change Gear Train Lathes Technical Specification

Bed Length 3000mm 5000mm 8000mm 10000 mm
Distance of between centre (38”) (74”) (98”) (120”)
Weight (approx.) 2000kg 6000kg 10000kg 16000kg
Bed Width 300mm (12”) 300mm (12”) 300mm (12”) 300mm (12”)
In front of face plate bed type 2v and 2 flat 2v and 2 flat 2v and 2 flat 2v and 2 flat
Spindle nose taper bore in MT-4 MT-5 MT-6 MT-6
Spindle Sleeve MT-4 MT-5 MT-6 MT-6
Spindle 6TPI/76(3”) 6TPI/76(3”) 6TPI/76(3”) 6TPI/76(3”)
Spindle Bore 52mm (21/8”) 52mm (21/8”) 52mm (21/8”) 52mm (21/8”)
No. of spindle speed 4+4=8 4+4=8 4+4=8 4+4=8
RPM (minimum/maximum) 25/450 25/450 25/450 25/450
Metric Pitch 13 (1mm to 6mm) 13 (1mm to 6mm) 13 (1mm to 6mm) 13 (1mm to 6mm)
Inch Pitch 19 (2 TPI to 24 TPI) 19 (2 TPI to 24 TPI) 19 (2 TPI to 24 TPI) 19 (2 TPI to 24 TPI)
Lead Screw of diameter 1 1/2” x4 TPI 1 1/2” x4 TPI 1 1/2” x4 TPI 1 1/2” x4 TPI
Belts V or Flat V or Flat V or Flat V or Flat
Motor Power & Supply According to Customer According to Customer According to Customer According to Customer
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